What comes to your mind when you find out a “self-help” writer? Let me help you with 3 possible line of thoughts:

  • Another preachy fucktard who will throw impractical motivational jargon.
  • Here comes another life-coach faggot that claims to be perfect and wants to steal my money.
  • Oh, another person I can add on my when-I-am-down-playlist and he’ll give me those happy feels.

I can understand why. You’ll find the same garbage on the subject. Examples include “find your life purpose”, “follow your passion”, “let go of approval”, “never give up on your dreams” and the like.

I am going to be neither of the above 3 persons.

(Say what?!)

No, really.

I am absurdly curious about life.

And I want you to have clarity about your intent for what you pursue in your life, don’t follow feel-good advice sold to ya, let go of absorbing the exact words from Oscar speeches and make informed decisions (see what I did there?)

“What, crap…Are you even a self-improvement guy?”

I don’t know.

The self-help industry is so convoluted. The internet is full of bloated six-ab promises, one-week transformation programs, and generic spiritual awakening advice.

So my writing approach is different:

  • I won’t cover width without depth (unless required for a specific project).
  • Most ideas I share will be backed by science, psychology, research, and data.
  • Instead of sounding preachy, I’ll attempt to keep my articles honest and rational (consider emotional outbursts as exceptions).

I want you to walk away with actionable strategies to upgrade the quality of your life. So we’ll question traditional wisdom together and cut through the noise.

“Enough of abstract jargon, Chintan. What kind of subjects do you plan to fuck around with here?”

I’ll play with subjects related to psychology, skill improvement, culture, productivity, creativity and whatever interesting life stuff I come across.

Did you like the originality of my pitch?

Then know me better:

I am a fine bloke just like ya — who happens to like researching, exploring, and writing. Even with the best of my efforts, the ideas I share might not work for you. Consider my ideas as ‘suggestions’ and ponder over them. Don’t blindly adopt them to your life. Try to figure the context under which the ideas might hold true.

I was born and brought up in India. As soon as I graduated, I was sure that I don’t want to work in the corporate setting.

Going to the cliched “quit your 9-5 office job” story, are we?

A tiny problem was I didn’t know what to do with my life and how to pay my bills without earning money. I was caught up with the “follow your passion” philosophy. I thought it was the most important aspect of life and kind of trying to figure out my “thing.”

After months of procrastination and fumbling through a few writing courses, I started a content marketing business (translates to writing for business blogs). Given my knack for researching and (a bit of) writing, it kicked off fine.

While in the middle of running the service business, I realized that I am procrastinating on important life decisions. Like starting this site and writing articles on interesting life themes. So I’ve paused writing for other clients in spite of getting paid even upwards of thousand dollars per article.

I won’t end this story, with a fucking feel-good climax. One, because it’s so cliched. And two, my journey (along with yours) is ongoing.

By writing here, I am feeding my curiosity. In the process, I am sure you’ll gain value and ideas to improve your life — because I’ve learned to be audience-centric in my content marketing education.

Let me help you to untangle the intricacies of life.

“So you don’t have a degree/certificate (translates to — you’re not credible)?”

It’s time you look past mere degrees. For starters, how about we look at skills?

Let’s just say that I like researching and distilling the subjects I read into an enjoyable format. I love the skepticism though. If would have a different take on the articles I’ve written, then I would love to hear it.

Now that you know enough about me and the website, would you like to sign up for my email masterclass on breaking conventions (you’ll like it; trust me).