Breaking Conventions Lesson 5: Enough of tomfoolery…let’s go a** kicking!

If you’ve already begun using the tools and strategies I shared in previous lessons, then I admire your commitment to breaking the conventional living patterns.

I am sure though that most of you lurked at all the emails. Forget worksheets and adopting a new activity in your life; you haven’t even downloaded a tool from the ones I suggested (seriously, you can’t even do a few taps on your Smartphone?)

You’re telling yourself a funny story:

“Tomorrow’s THE DAY I’ll change my life’s trajectory!”

Ah, will you get out of the vicious loop already?


I don’t want to add to the information overwhelm in your life. The emotional charge and dopamine shoots from reading someone else’s success story only have entertainment value. They fool your mind to believe like you’re living them.

Can you stop seeking entertainment by reading self-improvement ‘inspiration porn’?

You’ve to delay your fucking gratifications. If you want to be a part of the 8% of people that achieve their (new year) resolutions then…

Use this email as a reminder to stop seeking an orgasm on the perfect version of your future self.

Rather accept your imperfect reality and say YES to pain.

Even if you incorporate one strategy in your lifestyle from the earlier lessons we completed, you’ll start seeing massive improvements.

You deserve a chance to live a remarkable life. And it starts with changing your mindset (lesson 1).

We know that humans are bad at following through when there aren’t any consequences and incentives involved. The procrastination monster is real.

Why else would you still be lingering around reading emails without taking action?

Here’s a strategy that will help you stick to the new routine/activity you plan to implement…

i. Put a substantial sum of money on the line and commit to following your new behavioral goal (like writing in your journal every morning or starting your day with implementing Pareto). $100 is a good motivator for most people.

ii. Choose a charity/campaign that you absolutely hate (Make America Great Again, anyone?)

iii. If you fail to stick with your goal on any day, then your donations get proceeded to the charity.

Pulkit shares this strategy under point 4 in this guide to staying motivated.

Need help for implementing the above strategy? Then head over to and automate the process.

The course was meant to nudge you towards an extraordinary life by breaking conventions. We have covered most of the important life aspects barring relationships and money.

But 8 days is too early to achieve any major behavioral change. From here on, you’ll need to put effort consciously. There will be bad days, but you need to keep at it. I promise you the minor tweaks in your life will add up (in anywhere between 2 to 6 months).

If you get stuck or need help along the way, then I am here for you (besides and your accountability partners) —- drop me a line at

So before you get back to breaking conventions, I’ve two requests from you. I put in a lot of effort in creating the courses. So:

1. If you’ve found the course even a tad bit useful, then please send your review as a reply to this email. I might feature you with you with your awesome photo!

2. Please email the course link (here it is – to a couple of your friends, share it on social media and tell everyone how awesome I am!

Did the course fail to meet your expectations? Then also drop me a line as a reply to this email. I love constructive feedback.

There’s no worksheet and bonus material for this lesson.

Your assignment?

Take action. Get started with your mini-project.

You got this!!!